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IGN Video: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Xbox 360 Trailer – Live-Action Trailer.

Check out the brand new live action video for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. This is going to kick serious ass!


E3 2010: Microsoft Outlines Press Conference Plans – Xbox 360 News at IGN.

Something tells me this press conference will be light years better than Sony’s pathetic unveiling of the Move last week. Microsoft of War 4 or Fable 3 using Natal, but a unique, creative experience that can only be captured by Natal. It will be interesting to see if everyones favorite pale boy Milo makes his return, and if so how has pale boy grown up in the past year. Let the motion battle begin!

Someone please Invite me!

Report: EA planning premium, pre-launch DLC for retail games at $10 – $15 [Update: EA explains].

For the love of money

With the exception of a few select titles (Borderlands), I feel like DLC is maybe the biggest ripoff in all of gaming. Today things got a whole lot more ridiculous.  Pre DLC? Really, like for real? And i was just telling myself how much I’ve enjoyed EA games over the last couple months. The fact of the matter is this is a total ripoff. Makes me sick. Should make you sick.

Red Dead Redemption trailer offers taste of life in the old west.

This game keeps looking better and better. I’m not too excited that this game comes out the same day as Alan Wake, but what can you do. What do you think? Are you looking forward to Red Dead?

I recently had the opportunity to interview Self Proclaimed Game Designer, Programmer, Artist and life-long gamer Keith Morgado.  Keith, who says the classic SNES title Earthbound inspired him to create games, has  been selected from a field of thousands to showcase his Rhythm-Puzzled gameTurba at next weeks inaugural PAX EAST Convention in Boston.  A demo ofTurba can be downloaded directly from popular indie site  Check out the full interview below with one of the rising game stars in the video game industry!

2010 PAX EAST Indie Showcase winner Keith Morgado

LC:Tell us a little bit about your gaming background and what got you interested in creating games?

KM:Well I have been gaming ever since I can remember, my first game console was the NES with the Duck Hunt/Super Mario combo. The NES was great fun but my video game obsession didn’t come until I got a Sega Genesis. Sonic 2 blew me away as a kid, it was so fast and every level had multiple ways to get through it. But the game that inspired me to create games was EarthBound for the SNES. With its amazing story line and great writing it quickly became my favorite game. I wanted to make games just like it with diverse worlds and great characters.

LC:Obviously you are a fan of the puzzle genre. What titles if any inspired you while creating Turba?

KM:I really love Popcap and what they have done for the puzzle genre. They really know how to keep you completely addicted, and the games are so polished its hard not to be inspired. Another puzzle game that I think we have all played to death is Tetris which is really the root of all puzzle games.

LC:The Fusion of rhythm and puzzle genres coexist hamorniously in Turba. What were some of the challenges in mixing the two different game genres?

KM: The task of just getting beat information from a song file was one of the hardest things we had to do for this game. Of course there is no way to completely sync every song perfectly but we are happy with our current beat recognition. We wanted the puzzle to flow based on the overall speed and feeling of the track so we figured that if the blocks spawned with the beat it would work nicely.

LC:A really creative game-play mode in Turba is Descend mode. It truly separates itself from other games by stacking the blocks from the top. Was this originally the plan or did it transpire during development.

KM:Originally I wanted to have many different modes with completely different ways to play. Once we came up with the idea for Ascend mode it only seemed like the next logical step to flip it. But instead of just spawning one block at a time we slowly scroll the board down along with the beat. Sometimes during game development some features just get created by accident and they end up being the best part of your game.

LC:Some people might claim that Turba reminds them a bit of Lumines. What feature(s) would you say truly differentiates Turba from the competition?

KM:The most original thing Turba has going for it is that the player is in full control over the puzzle when they play. For example, in Lumines you place the blocks but they will auto clear with the timeline. In Turba the player is in charge of selecting AND clearing of combos. This gives the player tons of freedom to create huge custom combos. I really wanted to make a puzzle game that put the player in control over the whole board.

LC:You guys are showcasing your game at PAX EAST this year. How much time and preparation has gone into the big weekend in Boston?

KM:Well Turba has been brewing for over a year now and we feel its time to release it to the world. We’ve been prepping for almost 3 weeks now and the work isn’t done at all. When you create games you quickly learn that production will never end unless you stop it. There is so many ideas we wanted to put into the game that didn’t get in just because of time constraints.

LC:Were you surprised when you were selected one of the PAX EAST Indie showcase winners?

KM: Surprised? No. Excited? Yes! We have gotten recognition from other online communities such as so we knew that Turba was good enough to win. It felt great to finally get to show it directly to the public.

LC:What are some of your favorite games, current, past… Favorite console etc…?

KM:Favorite Console hands down SNES

I’ll do a Top 5 for this generation of consoles and a Top 5 of past generations.

This Gen:

5. Dead Rising (Xbox 360)

4. GTA: China Town Wars (DS)

3. Braid (XBLA)

2. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

1. Mass Effect (Xbox 360)

Previous Gens:

5. Shenmue (Dreamcast)

4. Katamari Damacy (PS2)

3. Harvest Moon 64 (N64)

2. Metal Gear Solid (PS)

1. Earthbound (SNES)

GameStop: Wii, PS3 Shortages Will Last ‘For Months’ – PS3 News at IGN.

Looks like Sony’s 10 year PS3 plan is working out just fine.

First Month Bad Company 2 Sales Impress – Xbox 360 News at IGN.

I’m glad the sales reflect how overall amazing this game is. I haven’t enjoyed a multi-player game this much since Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast

2010 has been an unreal start of the year for games. At this pace i’ll be broke by June. Never mind, i already am. What’s been your favorite?

I’ll admit it. Up until this year i have always played the Winning 11/Pro Evo series. To me it encapsulated the true essence of soccer minus the real names and players and teams but you get the point. The graphics have always been inferior to the FIFA games but the game play and ability to create was unmatched. Until this year.

FIFA 10 by EA Canada marks the first entry in the series that finally gets what soccer is all about,creativity and fun. The ball physics is unmatched. I often found myself completely lost in the match. The inertia behind the ball travels in a freakishly real pace. It was so real at first i had a hard time adjusting because the physics are so spot on.

Scoring is no longer accomplished simply by crossing the ball and heading into the goal.  Also running down the sideline with your fastest player no longer works. Defenders will quickly close in on the ball and defend accordingly. The passing is also refined. The AI will run patterns to get open for seam passes, and behave like their real life player counterparts. The first time i witnessed Robinho score a tough break away goal by breaking free from Rio Ferdinand i almost cried tears of joy.  EA Canada must have spent an entire year living the life of a footballer because as a full  blood Brazilian and soccer fan i have never played a more true to life recreation of the Worlds Game.

The sound gets a solid 9/10 I love the Indie Soundtrack. It was cool to see Passion Pit make the cut. If you’re not a big indie fan no problem, the in- game commentary and sound effects boom! Team Chants and crowd noise goes in accordance with the on field action. Details Matter.

Gameplay is where the FIFA series always felt a bit lacking. Not the case this year.  Everything from the passing to shooting feels spot on. The only concern is that i often find myself 1 on 1 with the goalie. Seems a bit unrealistic or maybe i’m just awesome!

Various modes will keep the fun going. Virtual Pro allows you to design a player, upload him to the EA server and play with that player on and offline. XBOX live comes with some addictive head to head play. I often found myself saying just one more game. I hate losing.

The newly released update FIFA Ultimate Team10 is essentially fantasy sports on crack.  A card based, team management  game that gives players credits for winning games in either online or offline tournaments. As credits are earned you can buy packs of cards featuring different soccer players from around the world.  It is important to keep team chemistry in mind as formation plays a big role in succeeding.

Overall, FIFA 1o is a huge improvement in the series.  The only downside is that Spring is coming up and soon you’ll actually have to go outside to play real soccer.

I’m probably going to change this list tomorrow but here are my five favorite games of today.


Ninja Gaiden 2

Mass Effect 2



I would take Shenmue with me because i have a sick attachment to that game.  The scope and graphics blew me away. Best game ever . Next.

Ninja Gaiden 2= Raw Arcade Action. Next

Mass Effect 2 made me feel like I was watching the old Star Wars movie. One of the best games Ever

Bioshock is Atmosphere at it’s finest

Lumines is the best. Play it ASAP trust me!