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Category Archives: Rants

When the truth needs to be heard


I started working for Verizon 3 weeks ago as a contractor. So basically I hustle Verizon products to the general public when I’m not doing this. I gotta fund real life some how! Here are the top 5 questions i get at least on a daily basis. Here you go

1)When is the Iphone coming?

2)I heard the Iphone is coming in June is that true?

3)My friend says the Droid is better than the Iphone but i don’t believe her. Is it true?

4)I read the Iphone is coming in June. I bet you already have some in stock back there dont you?

5)Can i make my Iphone work with Verizon.

You get the point. Its unreal, the internet fucking exists people. Please don’t come in and ask me questions you already know the answer to. Its kind of funny seeing how hopeful everyone looks as i say ” No, the Iphone is not in our back inventory you dumbass”


Report: EA planning premium, pre-launch DLC for retail games at $10 – $15 [Update: EA explains].

For the love of money

With the exception of a few select titles (Borderlands), I feel like DLC is maybe the biggest ripoff in all of gaming. Today things got a whole lot more ridiculous.  Pre DLC? Really, like for real? And i was just telling myself how much I’ve enjoyed EA games over the last couple months. The fact of the matter is this is a total ripoff. Makes me sick. Should make you sick.