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I don’t know why I took a break but I did. I have started playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 again. The thing that strikes me the most about Battlefield is that the multiplayer game feels like a single player campaign in some aspects. Take Rush mode for instance. The levels take the so long, there are so many different ways to get something accomplished. The scope  and creativity that is possible withing the game is what really sets it apart from other fps multiplayer games.

I don’t really know what I’m talking about now because I’m drinking beer and watching the usa soccer game. Ghana scored already. Big fucking surprise. Considering I am originally from Brazil its difficult for me to promote USA soccer sometimes even though i have  lived here since I was seven. It’s like being from America and believing that other countries are good at basketball too. Sure, Argentina might be sweet as a team, but no one believes they are better than the brothers playing ball here in America.

It feels good to write on my blog again. I might change things up a bit. I love games so I will naturally always talk about them, but i might get more personal. I might as well. Then you will see why I like the games I like.


GO Brazil!


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