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I’ll admit it. Up until this year i have always played the Winning 11/Pro Evo series. To me it encapsulated the true essence of soccer minus the real names and players and teams but you get the point. The graphics have always been inferior to the FIFA games but the game play and ability to create was unmatched. Until this year.

FIFA 10 by EA Canada marks the first entry in the series that finally gets what soccer is all about,creativity and fun. The ball physics is unmatched. I often found myself completely lost in the match. The inertia behind the ball travels in a freakishly real pace. It was so real at first i had a hard time adjusting because the physics are so spot on.

Scoring is no longer accomplished simply by crossing the ball and heading into the goal.  Also running down the sideline with your fastest player no longer works. Defenders will quickly close in on the ball and defend accordingly. The passing is also refined. The AI will run patterns to get open for seam passes, and behave like their real life player counterparts. The first time i witnessed Robinho score a tough break away goal by breaking free from Rio Ferdinand i almost cried tears of joy.  EA Canada must have spent an entire year living the life of a footballer because as a full  blood Brazilian and soccer fan i have never played a more true to life recreation of the Worlds Game.

The sound gets a solid 9/10 I love the Indie Soundtrack. It was cool to see Passion Pit make the cut. If you’re not a big indie fan no problem, the in- game commentary and sound effects boom! Team Chants and crowd noise goes in accordance with the on field action. Details Matter.

Gameplay is where the FIFA series always felt a bit lacking. Not the case this year.  Everything from the passing to shooting feels spot on. The only concern is that i often find myself 1 on 1 with the goalie. Seems a bit unrealistic or maybe i’m just awesome!

Various modes will keep the fun going. Virtual Pro allows you to design a player, upload him to the EA server and play with that player on and offline. XBOX live comes with some addictive head to head play. I often found myself saying just one more game. I hate losing.

The newly released update FIFA Ultimate Team10 is essentially fantasy sports on crack.  A card based, team management  game that gives players credits for winning games in either online or offline tournaments. As credits are earned you can buy packs of cards featuring different soccer players from around the world.  It is important to keep team chemistry in mind as formation plays a big role in succeeding.

Overall, FIFA 1o is a huge improvement in the series.  The only downside is that Spring is coming up and soon you’ll actually have to go outside to play real soccer.


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