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Every year I worry about how im going to play all the games I want .  So when I saw the lineup of upcoming xbox36o games i nearly panicked. There is no way I can afford Bayonetta, Darksiders, etc…  But now I have finally figured out a viable alternative to videogame stores and digital downloads. The buying, selling, and trading of games on Craigs List.  In the last month i have traded Borderlands for Darksiders, bought Left4Dead2 and Assassins Creed2 for $30. Recently i traded  Bayonetta for Modern Warfare 2.  Games i would not have been able to buy due to my rent and reality.

Gamers need to find a better way to access  the games they want, and for me it has become Craigs List. I recommend meeting in a safely lit public location. I Always meet at a 711 by the front counter. That way the person I am exchanging with knows they are on camera and the transaction is secure.


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