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Looks like EA is getting a new Senior Creative Director over at EA Tiburon. Tiburon responsible for the long running Madden series looks to be getting a  shakeup here soon. Mark Trummel known for creating the NBA JAM and NFL BLITZ properties has come over to EA  from Midway to help EA with their properties.

Now what i really think about this : EA Sports games have been pretty uninspired for  a while. Madden sales have dropped not only because of the economy but because the  game is the same  every year. It has almost caused a sense of resentment for those who pay so much for a game every year that is so similar to the previous efforts. My hope is that Trummel can go in there and reignite the spark.

I also included a nice retro video for those of you too young to remember NBA JAM! A game that my brother beat me in by 3 points every time. Memories!


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