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My Ultimate goal in life is to become a videogame analyst or PR person. So in honor of my future i will make some early predictions about 2010.

1) Grand Theft Auto 5 will not be released.

2)New Call of Duty by Treyarch will be set in Vietnam.

3) Ps3 will gain mainstream cultural acceptance as Blue Ray becomes standard and people attempt to show their wealth.

4) Grand Tourismo 5 will eat Forza 3 alive.

5) Alan Wake will be Amazing

6) Bioshock 2 will be Dissapointing

7) God of War 3 and Final Fantasy 13 will propel PS3 sales to the moon.

8  New Zelda will use Wii Fit

9) Nintendo will announce a new Wii

10)Natal will be a huge success with middle aged women and casual gamers.

Some of these are pretty basic but its early in the year right? Disagree, Agree? Think i am nuts?


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